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Type Колекционные предметы Coca-Cola
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Number of collectibles 90
Created 2/16/2016
Updated 10/17/2016
Description Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste
72 Coca-Cola - ...
72 Coca-Cola - Sign of Good Taste Checklist
OS-1 Santa 1947
OS-1  Santa 1947
OS-2 Santa 1960
OS-2  Santa 1960
OS-3 Santa 1941
OS-3  Santa 1941
OS-4 Santa 1936
OS-4  Santa 1936
OS-5 Christmas...
OS-5  Christmas Celebrations
OS-6 Santa 1944
OS-6  Santa 1944
PB-1 Snowball ...
PB-1  Snowball Frolic
PB-2 Fun on Th...
PB-2  Fun on The Slopes
PB-3 Good Idea
PB-3  Good Idea
PB-4 Charming ...
PB-4  Charming Offer
PB-5 Bear Bonding
PB-5  Bear Bonding
PB-6 Entrepren...
PB-6  Entrepreneurs
PB-7 Em "Bear"...
PB-7  Em "Bear" rassment
PB-8 Fishing Trip
PB-8  Fishing Trip
Redemption Card
Redemption Card
Season's Greetings
Season's Greetings
TL-1 Dateline ...
TL-1  Dateline 1907 / Sold Everywhere 5c Drink Coca-Cola