- online auction with Bitcoin payments

Online auction for collectors with payments in digital currency, full freedom for rarities exchange!

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We are ready to start next phase and create great online auction house with Bitcoin payments. And we believe in crowdfunding as best solution for crypto currency related projects.

In 2009 we were shocked by powerful Bitcoin concept, years later it is time to add another piece of infrastructure to digital currency ecosystem - online auction house for collectors to exchange rarities and collectibles using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Scalable collectors network was built and deployed to node, our team need your help to build most complex module - Auction Engine with Digital Currencies processing. And backers will decide on set of currencies to support!

 Colecty TeamJanuary 24th, 2019

Our honorable Backers

Here we will publish all our honorable Backers, who supported us and who bring Colecty's next phase to life:

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 Colecty TeamJanuary 24th, 2019

Campaign launch!

Campaign will be launched on March 1st, 2019

 Colecty TeamJanuary 31st, 2019

Campaign pitch

Campaign Background

Imagine this: 81% of Bitcoin asset was already mined and now worth of $10.5B. New Ethereum system, crowdfunded in 2014, gained $1B in capitalization during first year. And yet there is no support of digital currencies by Ebay. As a heavy collector and IT expert in financial domain, I decided to fix this and utilize digital currencies technology in the most crucial aspect of collecting - rarities exchange through online auction.  First phase was implemented using high tech software stack (.Net, MVC, Entity Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, MS SQL Server, Apache Lucene), without any external funding me and my team personally invested hundreds of hours in order to build collectors-focused platform which covers all needs from collecting perspective.

But now we need your help...

As in every system with financial transactions - the biggest challenge and risk is to keep customer's assets safe and secure, nobody wants to see another Mt.Gox-like fail. All funds will be dedicated to solve this challenge: Host solution on the reliable Cloud-based hosting - Microsoft Azure Hire security expert in order to prevent technical and financial breaches Research and develop modular processor of at least 5 digital currencies (see details below) Develop Auction Engine integrated with digital currencies processor And, of course, change our obsolete UI design! (see first Perk on this page =) However, we want to rely not only on your funding support, but your expertise as well. Bitcoin is the only currency we will plan as payment options, all other currencies will be defined by you, our supporters. After campaign end, our team will arrange private online voting during which you will be able to spend Perks votes and define most promising digital currencies to process  within our online auction house. 

Plan B

As you can see, we were able to build complex system even without funding. Missed goal can change our plans but not our determination! Based on allocated funds we can possibly cover planned features one by one. Of course, we will reduce supported currencies and use Bitcoin as a single crypto payment option, choose simple hosting solution and it will take more time to develop. At least we can renew our UI design, don't take that from us =)


We believe in digital currency's future and that each new dedicated service or platform will not only extend ecosystem of digital assets but multiply momentum of digital currency spread. Collectors transactions, estimated in billions, can speed up economics evolution towards distributed digital payment infrastructure. And don't forget to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign via Indiegogo share tools!
 Colecty TeamJanuary 31st, 2019

Perks for Backers

We set $10, $25, $100, $500, $1000 Perks for our Backers

 Colecty TeamJanuary 31st, 2019