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Type Смешаные Тематические коллекции
Owner Collections
Number of collectibles 27
Created 2/16/2016
Updated 2/17/2016
Description Final Fantasy Art Museum - Special Ed. 2
S-28 Tidus
S-28   Tidus
S-29 Yuna
S-29   Yuna
S-30 Auron
S-30   Auron
S-31 Wakka
S-31   Wakka
S-32 Lulu
S-32   Lulu
S-33 Kimahri ...
S-33   Kimahri Ronso
S-34 Rikku
S-34   Rikku
S-35 Seymour
S-35   Seymour
S-36 Valfor (...
S-36   Valfor (Valefor)
S-37 Ifrit
S-37   Ifrit
S-38 Ixion
S-38   Ixion
S-39 Siva (Sh...
S-39   Siva (Shiva)
S-40 Anima
S-40   Anima
S-41 Bahamut
S-41   Bahamut
S-42 Youjinbo...
S-42   Youjinbo (Yojimbo)
S-43 Magu - M...
S-43   Magu - Magus Sisters
S-44 Dogu - M...
S-44   Dogu - Magus Sisters
S-45 Lagu - M...
S-45   Lagu - Magus Sisters
S-46 Zanarkan...
S-46   Zanarkand Ruins
S-47 Kilika
S-47   Kilika
S-48 Farplane
S-48   Farplane
S-49 Bevelle
S-49   Bevelle
S-50 Mi'ihen ...
S-50   Mi'ihen Highroad
S-51 Temple o...
S-51   Temple of Baaj